AB Nozzle O-Ring


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Here's some tricks for making an o-ring for chinese ABs. There are two types of chinese produced nozzles one of which is threaded and has an 0-ring. We'll cover here the troubles it can cause for us and one the ways to solve that. For those who own iwatas and so on, this thread I wouldn't call useful:)

So, original nozzle has rubber made o-ring which means that only waterbased paints can be used. If using solvent based paints which contain reducer in itself the o-ring, because of the material it's been made with, is going to be spoiled. And also it should be said the o-ring has it's normal wear and after some time of usage can cause paint leak. And it must be replaced.

When I acquinted with ABing I couln't afford iwatas and also didin't know if I'll like ABing. So my choice was chinese cheap product. Due to chinese ABs had teflon needle sealer I thought that if the nozzle o-ring would be changed for solvent-proof one, that could allow me to spray solvent based paints. So I did that. It really works.

Using solvent based paints (urethanes) are much easier and pleasant while working, than waterbased ones. It's actually differenat levels of paints I'd say. I started to AB with the waterbased and when switched to solvent-based, I remembered WBased as a nightmare. So if you have the possibility to draw at your garage or smth like that, I'd highly recommend to do that. And don't forget wearing charcoal filter respirator! Care about your health!

The photos show the making process. There's no need to explain much.
The o-ring is can be made with many of cables' covers. I found at home not working electrical units, cut a piece of cable from each one and started to experiment. Some of them due to the size fitted more, some less.
Cutting an o-ring is better on a toothpick by an x-acto. When screwing in the nozzle don't produce much pressure, make the process gently. After the nozzle finds its seat cut off the remainigs with an x-acto. So now your AB is ready to work with waterbased paints. New sealers are solvent proof.

I hope, some people find this information useful. Enjoy your ABing!:)

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