About Ab On Black Felt or velvet



Good evening everyone I was wondering if anyone has ab on black felt /velvet with a glow in the dark paints my wife and I was talking about other ab ideals for extra holiday funding. Would I need to mix the glow in the dark with some transparent paints for like making zombies and other Halloween designs on them. I would hate to put out a lot of money and then mess it up. So if anyone has any helpful tips I would be most grateful for your insight on this. I'd even thought about getting some white sheets and try this ideal out on. But as always Thank You all for the help
Haven't used either glow in the dark paints or painted on velvet, so no help what so ever I'm afraid. I just wonder about the absorbency of the material and what issues that could cause and whether it would need to be sealed somehow. I'm guessing painting under UV light will help you see what it will look like as it glows. I guess I would try to find some scraps or off cuts of material to experiment with to find out what works best.