Acrylic paints (in a tube)



So, I have played with a couple of tubes of cheap student level acrylic paint. The last skull I did was pretty much done with different mixtures of those two colors and water to thin it out. I of course then strained it through some stocking material to get any clumps out. I liked working with it as it was easy to erase. So I have a couple of questions for you experts.

Which is the best brand to use, finest ground pigments and such?

This one is at Mr Micron.

What was that formula for the reducer, and does it work with this type of paint?
I've used Winsor & Newtons Galleria range and just reduced with water. Did not need to strain it. It's not that cheap though.
For murals, not done with an airbrush I used the liquitex professional heavy body. It comes in tubes, and you will want to look at each tube to make sure it says "heavily pigmented". It's thick but it's very smooth. Hope that helps.
Since you've asked "which is the best brand" I assume you may be shopping for paint to purchase......if so i urge you not to buy tubed acrylics if you plan to airbrush them, they have thickeners in them and additives which are specifically aimed at producing "brush strokes and anti-flow" and that's exactly what you don't want in an airbrush paint.....I've used them for years and now don't use them in an airbrush- I'd suggest you try to purchase "fluid acrylics" if you want to stick with acrylics. If at all possible- try to buy the more expensive "artists or professional" quality as the others have too much "suspension" liquids and fillers that cheapen the experience- the pro stuff flows nice and gives brilliant color- it's worth the extra cost in my opinion.
If you'd like to hand paint with tubed acrylics, then go for it- but I still suggest the "pro and artists" grades and skip the "studio or student" grades.
Cheers and have fun~~