Add another one to the arsenal

That looks like one sweet brush. If i like the side feed, i will be saving pennies for that brush!
It's without grip filter in the box. Came from Japan?;) Mine looks the same. But no, it's already tuned, so it's definitely not:)
Already tuned? I am confused here. Can you explain?

I will translate:)
wider meaning of the word I've mentioned includes:
* polished needle
* original trigger replaced with V1 trigger with my custom pad
* needle limiter is drilled through, so now I can put there any length needle, not only original V2, which is not the cheapest one;)
Seems like needle from HP-SB fits CM. But actually if the diameter of any needle is the same as CM's, I will fit it to my AB, it's not a big deal.
These are mine improvments that I'm confident in.
And I've also changed original chucking guide for HP-SB's. V2 guide is like HP+ series. Now it's better than with original one, but time will show. The reason I've made the change because original one is not that responsible as HP's. Why? - I don't now yet. BTW V2 guide feels OK inside HP.