Adhesive for masks/templates



Not really a beginner, but haven't used masks/stencils before. Have some 3M adhesive and have seen that some use that. If I spray the back of the stencil, I understand I need to wait so that it doesn't get the shirt messy ...especially black material. How long should I wait so that adhesive is still slightly tacky, but no longer a liquid? (....For a granddaughters dance outfit, so don't want to mess it up).
I can't say for certain as I have never done it but, once its dry its not going to get more dry so Id say if its dry you're good to go. Try it on an old tee shirt first, nothing beats a real world test… ;-)
But will it be so dry it won't even be tacky? I know I can play and try, ..but thought I'd see if someone does this a lot.
I don't know I use the clear packing tape you see used on boxes , to hold stencils on t-shirts
You just need VERY little of adhesive spray for your stencil. And I usually wait about 1 minute before sticking it to the tshirt.
I personaly woldnt bother using any adhesive for a stencil..Just hold it on or if you really desire to hold it down so you have both hands available, you can place the dree onto a metal panel and use magnets..I don't personly like adhesive sprays as some will no doubt get onto the job and it can be a pain to clean off, but yer if you plan to try it, test it out..