Advice for tape line pull up ?



Feeling fairly incompetent here : 4 coats of base coat, 2 medium coats of sg100 intercoat clear, waited a day, put fineline down....picked it up to move it, and it took the entire line up. Okay, once is fixable, but 4 times, I'm starting over.

What am I doing wrong here ? Not a thick enough coat of sg100?

(all paints hok, surface prep'd with scotchbrite, oil and grease remover, tack cloth. Surface is aluminum panel. No adhesion promoter, didn't think it was needed...maybe that's my problem)
Could be that the first layer hasn't bonded to the surface you were painting on, have all the layers come off? An adhesion promoter will give a chemical bond onto the surface, and then the paint you add will bond to that. If it didn't peel off all the layers then maybe each coat didn't have enough flash time before the next coat was added. Got any pics?
It peeled all the layers off. I just tested again with a random piece of vinyl tape, took off the same amount. I'll strip it and hit with promoter. (damnit)
Happened to me and Simon Murray SM designs said heat set each coat with a 2000w heat gun. Worked great!

re spayed(well, spraying, 2nd coat is flashing now), with AP. We'll see if that does it.

edit :

4 coats, intercoat x3 down. I'll pull the initial tape in the morning, and try laying something down later tomorrow night.
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