advice how to do some clothes textures?



One of my "comrade" wants to paint his son. I have chosen this pic as a reference, but I would like to get a bid real on his clothes and hat, does anyone knows how to achieve something like his hat and his top? _DSC5334.jpg
That is a great picture, I am curious too as to how you can paint that. Seems that will be quite a challenge.
Michael Cacy wrote a how to article for rendering tweed in the September / October 2005 issue of Airbrush Action Magazine. Your reference and the picture he rendered are very similar. He used drywall tape to render a tweed vest (very similar to the hat worn by the baby) and colored pencil to render stripes on a shirt (very similar to the stripes on the baby's jacket). I was unable to find a link to the article online, but you can purchase back issues. I've attached a link to the issue.

2005 September-October - Airbrush Action Magazine Store
thats nothing 3dollars but what about the delivery to europe? :) ok I will find something on youtube :) the drywall tape is a great idea, gonna try it :)
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That's an awesome picture:) Maybe try and find some cloth or fabric to spray through for the hat, but for the finer lines I reckon I would use crayons, the jacket you may be able to do the lines freehand and with shields? Trial and error mate, really is a fantastic picture.
For the jacket, maybe experiment with a coarse hairy brush and drag it through the paint, as you would a wood grain effect, but keep it as straight as possible, then add the shading. Don't know if it will work, could be worth a try. Maybe LOL! Will have to look into the drywall tape idea.