advice needed with planning my new project..



Hello all,

From my first project I haved learned that I could save a lot of time with planning the project, think about what to do first/last.
But I am struggling with it, and I hope you guys can give me some advice.
I would like to paint something this corset. My canvas is now still black, and I want to make that matte black, and the black borders of the corset a deeper (is that a word??) black with maybe a little bit pearl in it.
Instead of the red floral pattern I want to make, at least in the middle, a sort of black fence pattern, and behind that I want to try to make some skulls or graveyard scenery.

Should I be starting wit the skulls and paint the fence, black borders and everything also over it?
Or is it better/easy-er to start with the borders and fence, mask that of and then start with the skulls?
When I watch video's on youtube about painting skulls behind torned metal or behind flames or someting, they start with the stuff around the skulls, thats why I am not sure what is the best way to go.

001 voorbeeld .jpg
the borders and the fence are going to be in black so that is easy , paint what ever you want for the background and in what ever color you want to do it , then cut stencils for the black parts like the borders and the fence and use the stencil to cover your work and spray the black in