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I am new to airbrushing and have purchased a HF gun and compressor. CHEAP. I have blew thru some paint just to get a feel for it. Now that I have done that, I'm looking to buy a good quality gun. I don't mind spending the money but would say a cap of $300 range, so I am looking for advice on a gun that I cannot blame my screw ups on. I am mostly looking to paint detailed fishing lures mostly free hand without stencils. I had been looking at the H&S 2 in 1 silverline but due to needle options right out of the box. Next, is the HF compressor going to do the job? Currently has no regulator. As of now have been using Folk Art and Createx paints. All my work will b clear coated for durability. I am though looking at switching to if my wording is correct laquer paints thinking maybe for my application. Keep in mind I know nothing about any of this. Looking for some good advice to shoot me in the right direction with a good quality setup. thanks in advance.
Welcome to the forum,first off you might do an intro so we can find out more about you,things like how long you have been airbrushing ,where your from ect.. As for a good starter airbrush the eclipse hp-cs will do all you want it to do and then some ,as most people on here will tell you It will become your work horse as it will cover well and do details when you need it,I paint Hand made Muskie lure's along with a few Bass lures for friends all with the hp-cs.If you want to see some of them just look up my name in the gallery? As for air you can use what you have but you will need to put on a Regulator and a water seperating filter on it ,Or you can buy a small pancake compresser from lowes,or home depo if noise is not an issue ,If it is then go with a good quite airbrush compresser, any questions just ask as there are a lot of very good airbrushing info here . Hope this helps you out?btw you don't need Laquer paint as the clear coat will protect the paint under might also try for more how to's on painting lures
thanks for the info. what is the best place to buy this gun that I can also go back to for parts, paint, materials, etc... Started a thread in the Intro section. Checked out your gallery and I must say that is some fine work. thanks again.
Thanks Matt,you can order one on line at coast or look around your area of the country at the local hobby shops or art supply stores to see if it's avab. locally, I buy from coast airbrush a lot as i can call them and it will be here in 3 to 4 days ,you can go on there website and get part numbers and paint colors ,also would you like plans for a lure turner to keep your clear coat from dripping if so send me a P.M. and I'll send it
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