Advise needed on these two compressors



So now my Hp CS is on it way i need a compressor.
Im not going to use it for hours each day and in a "hobby" kind of way.

I stumbled onto these two compressors and im wondering what the difference is and if anyone have any experience with any of them ?
What are your take on these, which will suite a newbie well ?

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at in the "Studio Air equipment" section, there are 2 compressors,
"Single Cylinder Piston Compressor with Air Tank - CK002-COMPRSSR" and "Twin Cylinder Piston Compressor - CK003-COMPRSSR".
Cliffisen, that whole page is the exact same stuff we get here in South Africa. And I would stay away from all of it. I had one of those single piston with tank machines and it was a pain. I also paint as a hobby but it could not keep up. After an hour it was too hot and then it took half an hour to cool down. I sold it to a model painter who seems to enjoy it. But he paints for 10 minutes and then he is done for the day.
I totally agree with AndreZA.

I have the same kind of single cylinder compressor and within a few months I realised I needed a better one. It over heated very quickly (within about 30 minutes) and because I would be absorbed in painting, I didn't stop to turn it off and let it cool down for 30 mins which meant it got louder and louder and started to bounce around all over the place. I doesn't turn itself off when it gets too hot so if you forget like I did then you get problems and eventually it will burn itself out. They are really only any good for small jobs where you do a little bit, turn it off, do a little bit more etc.

You would be better with an ordinary hardware store compressor which are powerful and cheap BUT very noisey. If you have the money then have a look at the Bambi range (in UK) they have powerful whisper quiet compressors with good sized air tanks for very reasonable prices BUT are about 3 x more expensive than hardware store compressors.

If you are on a budget and need low noise then out of the 2 you mentioned I'd go for the Twin Cylinder, it will give you about 45 minutes spray time before you need to turn it off to cool down.

I only paint as a hobby but I paint illustrations and portraits and worrying about the compressor only distracted from my joy of painting. I ended up spending €300 on a small, Oil-filled, whisper quiet compressor which will run for hours on end without over heating but even now I wish I'd paid a bit more for a more powerful version.

It's doesn't matter if you do this as a hobby or not, it matters what work load you want the compressor to do. The bigger needle sized airbrushes need more air, so does siphon feed over gravity feed. Painting T shirts needs more air so a small compressor will over heat very quickly. Painting larger background needs a bigger size airbrush/air gun which needs more air.

So think about what you want to paint, remember that once you start you will very often want to try other things so buy bigger if you can, think of the noise, think how long you will paint in one sitting, spending a little more now will save you money in the future. Remember also that if you decide you don't want to continue, you can sell better quality equipment and you will not loose too much money down the line.

OK enough food for thought
Good luck
Mel :)
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Bugger, here I thought I found something worthwhile in that price range.
I don't think I'll do long sessions (2-3) hours, otherwise wife will change the locks :).

I'll do paintings, sketches, doodling, miniature figures. Guess I'll eventually want to try other things. My daughter already want "tattoos"...

If anyone have a tip on a "good-ish" compressor in the 125-150 pound range I'll be a very happy ABer :)

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Just get a compressor from a hardware store. You get a better compressor, and at a much more reasonable price. My usual recommendation is to find something with at least 1-2 hp, and a 3-5 gallon tank. Also, "oilless" compressors tend to run very hot, put a ton of moisture in your air lines, are less efficient (less cfm per hp), tend not to last all that long, and are noisy as hell. The small inconvinience of changing out your compressors oil a couple times a year is a small price to pay.

A 2hp, 5 gallon compressor should run about $100, give or take, and should last for years

Don't do it mate, We are the same. Those things just aren't really up to much at all.
I've had mine a month and the auto shutoff as changed at which psi it resides to run to. It overheats and i live in the UK! If you look at the picture I have had to remove the front and back plates off the compressor to keep it running cool with a fan permanently blowing on it and now with the plates removed I have had to sit it on a cushion because its so loud!
I watched mitches vid on compressors and purchased a oil cooled silent 15l compressor off eBay for £120! Feel like I've been kicked in the balls :(
Good luck in your decision
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