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hi everyone. I am pretty new at this airbrush thing and confused and frustrated. My hubby bought me a passche vl about four years ago...never done airbrushing or never thought of doing it so it was a huge surprise. Anyway as he had a huge compressor I was meant to use that but it was on the opposite side of the house to where I wanted to paint which meant I had a hose running through the middle of the house. You can imagine how much of a hassle that was so I didn't do a lot. When I used it I had so much trouble with spiders and blobs everywhere and so I just put it away after a while. Well two Christmases ago hubby bought me a little compressor to get me going again....only thing was that I accidentally had thrown my airbrush away thinking it was just an empty box..oops. So hubby bought me another on (yes I do have a good hubby). Same thing though lots of spiders and blobs. Just couldn't get pressure right or paint. I did ask for advice on here and got lots of feedback but could still never get it to work. So I thought I would do a class when I was in the city. (I live a 13 he drive from the city) and finally there was one which I went to last week for three days. I took my brush with me but the guy teaching had one look and said it is a symphony feed I don't use them so out it away and use this one. I used an Iwata hP-c plus I think at this course and did reasonable for a first go... (See photos attached). Beach scene day two and dolphins day 3. Anyway I came home all revved up as now I knew I could do it and bigger me if I still get spiders and blobs. I have tried the pressure from 10psi up to 30 in 2 psi difference...and changed the createx paint / water consistency from thick to difference. So now hubby is thinking maybe he will get me the Iwata the same as I had in my lesson. Any advice would be good please.... Is this the brush to get? Did we do wrong with the passche syphon brush?


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I can't comment on the pasche but how big is the needle/nozzle? That may be a clue. Regarding the iwata - they are a hugely popular and reliable brush. I have the eclipse 0.38 and a spare nozzle set at 0.5. they are dependable, easy to use and plenty of spare parts. A good all rounder and your wonder husband won't go far wrong getting you one!
Thanks Mark. The passche come with three needles I think they are .2, .35 and .5. The second ones is what is in the brush to start with and then I changed to the .2. Really didn't make any difference. I found also that the paint would cut in and out. I cleaned the tip often to make sure it wasn't clogging and it doesn't appear to be damaged.

Thanks for the compliments on the work. I am not an artist or a drawer but was pretty proud of what I did. I feel like my work isn't sharp is like looking at the scenery on a hazy day..or smoke filled day as was the case in Perth whilst I was there.
you cant go wrong with Iwata t5hat is for sure , the pasche airbrushes are sadly not what they used to be and quality is poor now a days , I notice you use createx paints is that the regular createx?
I have bought a whole heap of Createx Opaque Airbrush Colours and also Art Spectrum artists ink. I also have some Aquieous Hobby Colour...(dont know what I got them for lol)
the regular createx is a real pain to get it spray right , I used it once and binned the lot after about a minute , I am not familiar with the other brands tho.
spidering means your paint is to thin and the pressure to high , I recommend using a mac valve so you can regulate the pressure more precise and try if the other paint brands are easier to control
Thanks Ronald... I have tried thickening the paint and have lowered the pressure to around 10 and it still does it. Maybe I need to thicken the paint even more. mac valve? is that the one that goes where the brush meets the hose?
Thanks Ronald... I have tried thickening the paint and have lowered the pressure to around 10 and it still does it. Maybe I need to thicken the paint even more. mac valve? is that the one that goes where the brush meets the hose?
yes a macvalve goes between the hose and the airbrush and it allows you to regulate the pressure right at the brush you set the compressor to the max pressure you would need and adjust it with the mac valve till the paint doesnt spider anymore , I can't help you with the createx paint but there are a lot of artists on here that use it they might be able to help you to get the right reduction
Thanks again... I will look into a mac valve and see if that works for me. I dont want to give up on this brush but kinda think if I keep trying at this rate I will give up on the whole airbrush.
Standard createx is designed for textiles, using a large needle size and high pressure. If you have the option try some E'tac, water based, water reduced, easy to clean brush after use. I bought some after having teething problems with createx illustration reduction and pressures. Sooo much easier as a newbie :)
All the advice above is spot on..Pull out some blank TShirts, mount them on a board, up your pressure to about 45 PSI-50 PSI (Thats where createx Standard Likes to run at, bigger ground pigment..) It is TShirt paint as mentioned so why not do exactly that, your airbrush will also be good for exactly that and the same works done on TShirts you could sell pretty easily..if more interested in canvas work and detail, you'll need both a new Airbrush and different paint (Don't throw your current stuff away though ;), just use it for textiles and you will find textiles a joy to more spiders gauranteed...Well they do happen LOL) of luck in the hobby, your first pics came out great..
I second the etac I have had issue with reducing basic createx and wicked for .35 needle. Seems to spray well thru .5 tho. I bought a neo and never got it to work right so got eclipse. Now I have converted my neo to .5 so I have two needle sizes and the neo works good at .5 even when I'm spraying pearl paint.