Afternoon guys, and gals(of course) :)




Rob here from not so sunny UK.

Just looking at getting into the AB hobby for paining up some of the larger figures for Dystopian Wars (easier to blend in the colours than using a brush). Also going to try painting up some pictures when get some experience, may take a while though.

They make it look so easy on UTube. lol

Have a good day
Welcome Rob, fun friendly way to learn on here. You will have a long rewarding journey. Enjoy the ride
Welcome again Rob

Your in the right place, don't be afraid to ask anything, and don't worry about your inexperience, we are all here to change that.
Hey Rob, you've come to the right place, check out the vids and practice sheets here to get you started. And if no-one minds me plugging another forum, have great tutorials and lots of advice too, and has helped me sooooooooo much.
Welcome and dont hesitate to ask questions! The only dumb question is the one you didnt ask. Good luck and show some pics!
Hello there Rob and welcome mate, yeh not so sunny uk but we are used to it right!!
Join in mate and ask away and low you will get an answer...hopefully the one you want:)