Ahoy from Orange County.



Last Christmas I decided to get an airbrush kit to do my daily makeup a different way just because I got so bored of smearing sponges doused in bacteria all over my face first thing in the morning. As I was only searching for a consumer based foundation starter kit, I ended up buying the Dinair Personal Pro kit from airbrushmakeup.com . Soon enough I ended up at Michaels searching for cool stencils just because I could. I soon grew bored of the basic colors that came with the Dinair kit, and then grew impatient waiting for a magical website to appear that sold cheap colorful airbrush makeup. I then ended up at Michaels again, and after almost tempting myself to buy the airbrush food coloring, I decided I didn't want to cover myself in edible temporary tattoos. So instead I bought a "Palmer Face and Body Paint," the gooey kind clowns would use to paint your face at the fair when you were little, and attempted to completely dilute that with water and spray that instead. Physically, it got along with the airbrush, but it took *forever* to spray on layers just trying to get some pigment to show.

About a month ago I went to the local costume store and bought two hideous brown & mustard bottles of Ben Nye MagiColor Liquid Paint. I swear, they had every color at normal price, but these two were marked down to $1.99 each. They're that ugly. But I figure that's not too bad of a deal for 1oz bottles, even though I'm sure they've been sitting there for the past decade.

I also ordered the sample set of ProAiir Hybrid makeup from showoffsba.com. Those are fun. I won't get into how much of a pain in the ass they are to deal with cleaning out, I actually already posted about my wimpy 15 PSI compressor dilemma right here...
Please feel free to aid my noobishness there. >.<

I will ask, though, if there's anyone in the south Orange County area that knows of anywhere that sells awesome/cheap stencils or body paint? Websites are fine too, but I don't know how I could have missed any lol. I've been on a hunt for textures/patterns and Martha Stewart just isn't providing.

I praise anyone who has my answers in advance!
And greetings to any other noobs on here. ;]

welcome from sunny South Africa
we have all sorts here and I am sure one or more of the good peeps stats side will be able to answer your questions re shops.
I'm sorry I can't help you out with your problem, but I welcome you to the forum, there is bound to be someone in here who can help you :)
You are not far from Coast airbrush they stock makeup and body paint.. Go meet David and the gang at Coast tell them Kurt sent you.. you will not be sorry The place and people are AMAZING
PS they have a compressor to meet your needs
PSS welcome to the forum from hermosa bch. CA
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welcome from honduras,hope you can this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Welcome to the forum. You should check out ebay. There are a lot of body art air brush stencils on there. You could also get into nail art.
Welcome from the other side of bakersfield up near sacramento. I agree coast airbrush would be your best resource. I order from them. And since ur right there basically you can shop in person....yea im jelous. Also for some texture advice. I take scotch bright pads and tear em up and use that for textures...also doylies...lace. ...just about anything that can be sprayed through. Fabric stores are great rescources
Welcome home
Coast Airbrush sells all kinds of stencils including finger nail stencils.
I would give Dave and his folks a call if they do not carry it they will know who does.
The world renowned coast airbrush is all you will need. Although you covered in edible tattoos sounds about as far as you need to go. ;)

Coast Airbrush
Thanks everyone! I will for sure stop by Coast Airbrush. I just looked it up and it's only 20 minutes away. ^.^