Aibrush painting on Plywood outdoors



I've got a project coming up for painting on a large piece of plyboard that's going to be outdoors in a garden. It's about the size of a garage door, maybe a bit smaller. Was planning to use createx wicked or auto-air because I'm used to those. Thing is I've not done any outdoor stuff aside from my car, not done anything on wood either.

Can anyone recommend some primers and top coats to use on thing like plywood and mdf? I was thinking to just use Krylon Clear but it's a fairly large area and I've got a spray gun so maybe any cellulose lacquer would work? needs to be durable because it's England - it rains a lot :)
If it's going to be outside continuously, I'd use marine grade plywood. Regular plywood will eventually delaminate. You can use a good quality, flat finish, outdoor latex house paint to primer and paint your base coat. You can either spray the latex or roller it on. Make sure you paint the entire panel, both sides and especially the edges. Wicked or Auto Air will work fine and then I'd clear it with automotive 2 part catalyzed clear coat. That will provide the best UV resistance and protection from the rain.