Air Art Studios website!


The Createx Bandit

My Daughter and I smashed this into existence this week, I never thought we would be able to build a site with a booking system and future expansion, but shopify and it’s apps have opened up this world up to us!
I hope you find it easy to look at and inspirational :)
Orange forum helped me stay focused on my journey and I can’t thank you enough for all your support.
Site looks great Paul, Good luck with Your new venture, I hope Your classes are always filled :)
Thanks KP ;)
Digital content starts recording next week, can’t wait to see what can be done, definitely not taking the full traditional approach 🥳🥳
Aw, look at you, you’re all growed up 🥹
to think some of us here knew you when you started your airbrush journey !

your daughter could have a new career managing her dads business !!

seriously though Paul, you know we’re proud of how far you’ve come on your journey, you’ve had some speed bumps both large and small but you’re now where you’ve always felt you belonged, now go live your dream career
For anyone interested, Paul currently has a video course available for 50% off with code KNIGHT50 only until the 23rd of Feb 2024, a lot of insane textures in this Knight.

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