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I need help again please. I’ve just been ignoring the gust of air coming from the connection between the air hose and quick release valve (I’ve been wrapping some plastic round it but it’s annoying), I’ve attached photos showing an air stem valve, where does it go? I’ve looked at the diagrams but I’m still not sure where it should go, does it go there at all , is there a seal missing, screw missing, I don’t have a seal or a screw 😫😣 Thanks


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You need the male part of the quick release....there is no valve involved....the male goes on your hose on the opposite end of your brush....see pics
So it doesn’t all go In this order, with the stem valve in?


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So it doesn’t all go In this order, with the stem valve in?
Nope, no air stem valve

the part on the right screws into your hose, the ‘male’ part on the left screws onto your airbrush, you can buy them individually to connect to each airbrush

The stem valve goes into the airbrush
excuse my dodgy pic editing. The air stem is the green bit.
it pushes the trigger back up

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I have those and they have been connected this way but there’s air blowing in a way that it shouldn’t from that connection, I wondered if the air stem valve should go in there?
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could just be a bad connection. Some of the cheaper ones aren’t a firm fit
Maybe, it had been working until i changed it over to the ghad a couple of weeks ago and wondering if the stem valve fell out of something then
Definately no air stem required

try a bit of teflon /plumbers tape on the threads here

I found where the stem valve came from, the part on the left the small bit is missing that holds it in like the one on the right, so it must simply be the threads that are bad (plumbers tape job)


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If you cant find the nut that holds it in they’re quite cheap to replace the whole unit
if You call and tell them what airbrush you are using they can make sure it will fit. I think they’re pretty much universal with the unbranded airbrushes but won’t hurt to askIMG_5517.jpegIMG_5518.jpeg