Air leak on krome...normal or no??



so as you can probably guess i'm new to airbrushing...I recently got a krome and I like it a lot but i spilled some reducer into the trigger assembly and noticed lots of bubbles from behind the rubber hand grip (near the air valve) and from the top near the trigger when I push down the trigger....there is no paint getting into the trigger, its just air coming i sent it back and they sent me another which is doing the exact same this normal? Any other krome users with this issue? I cant really tell if its affecting performance or not....I have an iwata eclipse sidefeed and it does not leak air from the trigger assembly so i am a little confused....
Try putting a few drops of lube in there, maybe the o rings are are just dry.,

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Try putting a few drops of lube in there, maybe the o rings are are just dry.,

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I gave it a go..seems like the air valve isnt seating properly or something...doesnt seem like it should happen
It doesn't really sound like there is a problem, if I understand you correctly reducer was put in by the trigger, thuds is an area that remains dry during normal operation, it is common to have little air leaks on your brush, but you can seal all your threads with ptfe/teflon tape or only need worry if paint is getting back in to your trigger assembly, in which case the needle packing screw needs tightening
No that should not happen,it's lie the o ring isn't the right size, maybe give badger tech support a call.
They will make it right. Seems the demand has been so high lately that maybe the quality had slipped a bit, but their c/s is so great,they will get you fixed up.

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I'm not understanding I think

I think you are understanding just fine, I'm going to try what you said and get some beeswax on the airvalve thread to see if that works because it seems like the air is finding its way through the threads past the brass seat of the air valve. I noticed there is no o ring so i watched a disassembly video of the krome to see if I was missing one and there is none, just brass on brass seat (right below the trigger). So I'll try what you said Ad fez, if it doesnt work I'll do what wmle said and talk to badger. Thanks guys, I'll let you know whats going on....

question about the beeswax? where do I get that...can i just use berts bees wax ( like the lip balm stuff they sell at cvs?)
I have no idea about the stuff you mentioned as I am in the uk, but any beeswax from hardware store would be fine, normally you can get crayons of the stuff....however I tend to use teflon tape myself and have had great results with it....check this video if you havnt seen it before......very useful

You can substitute the needle juice for any water based lube you have knocking around the bedroom (if you know what I mean) haha (unflavoured though matey) e.g ky, it's the same stuff but half the price

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