Air leaks

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Bought a new air supply hose today and hooked it all up only to hear air leaking. After two hours of tearing all the fittings down and re-taping the quick release was leaking and the main pressure gauge were still leaking. Had to remove the quick release and could still hear air flowing through the regulator. It ended up being my triple manifold. Removed that and went back to one hose set up and I am leak free again. The manifold was over twenty five yeas old and I use mini quick releases on my airbrush hoses anyways. I have found that the Iwata quick release wear out vary fast. I have an older one that is a generic one and that still works like a charm.
Well that stinks but at least your still painting! The best quick releases that I have bought are the cheapest ones I could find and they were through tcpglobal. Hope you get a new manifold soon so nothing changes in your routine, I hate when something is different, lol!

Even old ass Yoda had to learn to be a Jedi...... I have just been better looking from day 1.
The manifold won't be missed too much because I only used it if I was teaching someone and needed to run two bushes simultaneously. They have been leaking for a long time.
That sounds like some of my luck, its ALWAYS the last place I look, lol. Im not sure what brand they are, but I got my quick connects from Chicago Airbrush Supply, love em! Got my manifold from Coast but haven't got it all hooked up yet.