Air problems


Needle-chuck Ninja
I can't really tell if its coming from the seam at the needle cap, or the nozzle cap, but i can feel air leaking out. Is there anyway to fix this?
Ive read some guys use chap stick in the threads to seal them, it dosnt affect the performance of the airbrush so i dont worry about it
I use liquid gasket seal on my iwata's at the front as they alsway's seem to leak air there (though a bit of a leak shouldn't be a problem)
Don't use plumbers tape unless ya know what your doing to easy to cross thread such a fine thread or lock it on which generally involves breaking something getting it back off., first find the leak..Use some dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle and spray the nozzle area then add some air and see where its bubbling. More often than not if its the head assembly a slight tweak tighter will stop the leak as if it has a teflon or rubber seal its likely your just no longer getting compression on the seal by handtightening, some peeps dont like tightening nozzles but has never caused me any harm. Bees wax or a chap stick if that doesn't stop it or even replace the seal if its a sealed unit. If its a metal to metal seal like with the nozzle sitting on a machined face, try recleaning the mating faces also.Good luck
Yer i was just thinking what i used to do when my krome had a bit of a leak, this was from the protective needle cap, never had any issues with the nozzle itself as is non threaded self centering nozzle, i certainly wouldn't use ptfe on the nozzle itself of micron for e.g
I use Chapstick . Beeswax also works. I have also uses blue loctite in a pinch on a threaded nozzle with no issues.