Air Valve trouble



Had a little problem today with a sticky air valve that I had had before so I thought I would share this simple homemade key to undo the air valve in an Iwata Eclipse
20140730_115312.jpg The basic components

20140730_115430.jpg here you can see the internal retaining screw with two recesses and my homemade key.

20140730_115455.jpg Yes, it really is a key lol, it was all I had that was small and easily worked.

Two slots cut with a junior hacksaw and Bobs yer Uncle!
If you make it a snug fit it will help with the re-assembly as well :)
Hope you like .......
Nice lol. I use snap ring pliers with the nubs shaved down a little smaller. Kinda funny they don't make a tool that I'm aware of for it.

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@Immortal Concepts we call them circlip pliers over here and that is a smart idea ..... anyway, it gave me an excuse to stop painting for ten minutes lol