Detail Decepticon!
Hi, All.
Just a question about air pressures.
If you LOWER the air pressure to your Ab does this mean that you can work slower/finer on your work?
How do air pressures relate to the types of effects you'd like to produce?
Damn! probably start something here. lmao!
Just remember if you run a lower pressure, you need to reduce your paint more, and yes it will allow for even slower building of layers. Which can help you achieve textures. It;s all in how you use it.
Does this mean that to create a finer, more detailed work, it's not just the combination of thinner paint, lower air pressure you need,
but a matter of techniques as well?
Sorry, just a little confused on this!
You can go finer with lower air pressure and thinner paint. But moving slower also means you need better control.
Thick paint can not make it though the nozzle for fine lines. It will skip and give an inconsistent line.
The thinner a paint is, it is more likely to spider, lowering the air pressure reduces the likeliness of it.
Like Wayne was saying, thin paint does not get the opacity per pass, and more layers are required.
So go slow, and increase the shade of color by making more passes, right?:redface-new:

Not always more passes. Painting slower with 50% reduced paint at 1/3" distance can give same hue as 10% reduced paint at 1".