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Hi, I am new to airbrushing and have just gone out and got a 0.5 nozzle. How fine can I make my work with this? Also, I am having a problem with a spotty paint finish. sort of like the paint is spitting, is this the paint itself? Dan
first try using the introduction section so we can know you and greet properly.well,what kind of airbrush you are using,because sometimes some 0.5 can be detailed,but most can´t.just general work.with the paint maybe depends on what paint you are using,sometimes is water that goes through the hose and gets in to the air.try cleaning the water trap in the compressor.

hope this helps!!!
what airbrush are you using? what paint? what is your air pressure set at? Are you using reducer in your paint, and if so, what kind? Do you have a filter set up in your air line?

There are just a ton of variables that could be causing the problems, and, since you're new, it could be something simple that you over-looked or simply don't know about, so the more info you can give, the better. It could be using the wrong paint, wrong air pressure, a bent needle, a cracked nozzle, a damaged air cap.... it's a long list. lol.

If you want to paint t-shirts, the .5 tip is the general "standard". On textiles, it will give a pretty fine line once you get the feel for it. Plus, textile painting usually doesn't require super-fine detail work.

For hard-surface or illustration, I reserve my .5-tipped airbrush for fades, back ground colors, large areas, etc. Generally speaking, the finest line you'll get with a .5 tip freehand would be about the width of a felt-tipped pen.
Hi, I found out what my problem was, an it was a silly mistake. I had the air pressure to low. I will go to the introduction section and introduce myself though.just for future reference, I am using a rather cheap spraycraft airbrush, once I get my new compressor I am going to get another airbrush with 0.3 needle. Dan
Hi, I'm new to airbrushing, literally last all my kit arrived but I'm a bit disappointed with the airbrush, spray craft £30 eBay, I can't get a fine line, even at about 5 mm from the paper, is my brush a bag of s€$t?
hey dan , glad you got it sorted mate,
subzero possibly mate hehe however as mentioned above it could be a million things but to be honest if it is the same one than dan has with the .5 nozzle then thats a bit like a fire hose..... detail brushes run from about 0.15 up to .3 however that doesnt mean that you can not get a fine line with larger.... its all about movement, trigger control, air pressure, paint reduction..... oh my days the list goes on...... practice practice practice is the key, but without having a go on your brush i couldnt tell you if its garbage
Hi, I'm new to airbrushing, literally last all my kit arrived but I'm a bit disappointed with the airbrush, spray craft £30 eBay, I can't get a fine line, even at about 5 mm from the paper, is my brush a bag of s€$t?

After reading this I went out and had a bit of a play, assuming you have the same brush as me it can be done. Play with the air pressure, and get in close to that work, I found that a couple mm was to close, so don't do that lol. Also, since you likely did your research and bought a nice dual action airbrush you might want to think about doing fine lines in multiple passes, for instance move over your work quickly, and only pull the trigger a little bit back. I hope this helps you. What I did to get a thinner line was INCREASE the air pressure. I believe (maybe someone could confirm it) that thinner fluids will also create thinner lines.
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Dan , As far as how much detail you can get with a .5 Well that depends on you and how well you learn control of your airbrush.
I have seen some paintings from some of the old masters of airbrushing paint some out of this world detail with a .5 set up. But most go for a detail airbrush as mentioned above.
But types of paint and in some cases even the brand of paint makes a huge difference in how well it flows and how mush detail you can get.
It turns out the needle was bent a tad, not my doing too, Mick at custom paint studio sorted it out but I couldn't resist an iwata eclipse, what difference,
Now I can, practice practice practice .
You lot make it look too easy, and all us lot into false sense hope ;)

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How thin (aproximatley) did you manage to get your line. after all my tinkering I managed to get half a cm solid, but I could get smaller sprinkly lines.
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Ooooo an nice shiney eclipse! Great purchase there subzero...dan as far as how thin you can go, well with a 0.21 I can get literally almost as thin as a hair, about half of a mm or less but paint and all variables we takes about earlier need to be in your favour
Yeah, I think I am going to get a second airbrush for the fine detail lol.
My main problem right now is that I have recently lost my job, right when I started setting up, so I really have no real money to start going out and buying fancy equipment, I just need something to last a few months until I get a job and can go out and spend a few hundred on a proper setup
Woah woah woah......get yourself along to kkbo on august bank holiday hopefully ken from badger will be there with some great deals on some great brushes.....and I mean really great!.... As for the compressor, yes you will want to get a bet ter one, as do i, I'm still using my cheapy ebay special (think its the same as yours) 1 yeast after starting painting.....failing that you could make a bomb ass silent compressor from an old fridge and some connections
Well, the compressor is no longer on its way, it was going to be a kms though (don't ask) just some ebay crap lol, but I will await a new one to arrive as I am next in line to receive. As for the airbrush itself, I have one that works well, it's just to finiky to get the finer details, so I might just go out and spend £30 on a sort of mid market one, I have seen some badger ones in that price braket
What you have will do you for a few months, help you learn what you are meant to be doing in terms of control and double actioning...kkbo should fall right in time for you!
When I've got the pressure and paint right I can get about a mm or slightly less, I'm just practicing a lot now, what's this kkbo?
its kustom kulture blast off, in spalding lincs check out the website, basically its a smallish show focussed around 50's rockabilly, tattoo, drawing, pin striping and airbrushing.... low brow stuff a few hot rods and painted up old cars, its not a bad day out but its an excellent place to get supplies and see how the pros use them