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A few weeks back I contacted Pete to ask if they shipped to South Africa seeing that they do not have that option in their check out. He asked for a list of what I wanted so that he can work out a quote. He came back with one and it was quite high. But it turned out to be n insured courier quote. I then asked if there was anything cheaper and he said he can just pop it in the post without guarantee. I order quite a bit from various UK shops and never had a problem so I asked him to go ahead. My order was only 4 bottles of E'tac. He gave me the amount, I payed via Paypal en still the same day it shipped. Ten working days later I got my package. For the size of the contents the package was a bit overkill bu I guess it's better to be safe then sorry.

SO I guess Pete will hear from me again.
ahnice tohear andre, and im glad that you got your bits and pieces safely.... glad you can now ge etac out there too!!!
Good to hear mate indeed, in my dealings with Pete he's has always offered superb service and knows what he is talking about.
you don't know pete? between him and chuck they can do all the push ups. (jokes) :)
I am guessing Pete works for or is the boss of Airbrush and Paint UK.
pete millichamp....... you can find him here home page

carries everything you need including schoellershammer 4g board and etac efx (a lovely combo)
Ahhh, now it all makes sense. Thank you, and thanks for the link - another store to browse.

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