Airbrush Blowdryer.



So most of my research about the micron has led me to the fact that people say it truly shines atomizing at low pressure.My question is when a paint I am using my brush as a painting tool but also blow drying the paint.lacking the drying tool at low pressure. When I paint facial shade in my portrait like to turn it up a little maybe 25 psi I get the good drying factor preventing solvent pop or whatever.Just picking your brains how do I use my micron to full potential!
Whenever you paint, you'll find that the paint dries [or flashes off ] almost as soon as it hits the surface you're painting on.
That's just what happens with airbrushes, but alot of it depends on your chosen paint type - water based, urethane based, solvent based -whatever.
If you want to slow this down, you'll need to add a retarder to the mix.
Get the one recommended for your brand and type of paint.
This will 'slow down' the drying process, giving you more time to work it - scratch, erase or whatever.
Also, you must remember that there is a world of difference in needle point diameter between the 2 brushes you refer to.
The Veda, i think is about .35 or .5 and the Micron goes way down to .15 or .18.
It's this that gives you better atomisation at lower pressure = better control and finer detail [ combined with higher paint reduction ] i.e thinner paint.
Like most of us, you'll have to experiment to find what works for you and your setup.
Hope this helps.
When you do your strokes, never let go of the air. Keep it on as you move back to the starting point of the stroke. Or if you have to increase the air, get an invite mac valve and you can open up the air as you need it.