Airbrush brands



Hey all, I'm just getting into this and wanted a little info the different brands of airbrushes. I've done a little research but there are so many I'd rather get some honest opinions from people that have used them. Money isn't really an issue, would more so like to go for a good quality brush from the beginning. Let me know what you use and like, or dislike.
Any name brand shld do you fine, being a beginners its still an idea to consider a mid range gun like a Badger 150 kit or Iwata CS..(Mind you I haven't tried some of their newer range so may be better options now)..You could go top end but ultimately at an early stage you may find them harder to control, ie a Badger 155 is a very versitile gun (No needle changeout required from course to fine spray) but they take a heck of a lot of trigger control...Go a good name to ensure good service, warranty and parts, imo can't beat Badger for that...But everyone likely will tell ya their favorite LOL..If you can get to a shop that sells the buggers, do so, one brand may feel really comfortable to you yet another may not...If you can pick em up and have a feel to see what sits nicely in your hand you likely will not go wrong :)..GL