Airbrush broken?


Double Actioner
Help ... I think it is a broken tip of my airbrush, you who believe? I see many dots blur, right?



i would say a small blockage in the tip somewhere, strip if down and give a thorough cleaning ?
It can be a number of things but most of the time such a spray pattern is the result of a damaged needle or using too thick paint at too little pressure.
Thanks guys, unfortunately I will decant the damaged needle, as this newly airbrush clean and the pressure is the same as ever even paint is more diluted than I usually
Sometimes I end up with a bubble of paint at the tip of the brush that splatters as I start spraying. If that is what it's doing, keeping the tip clean and starting the air flow off the work area works for me.
Anyway, I do not know if my airbrush is fine, because when I shot back to expel more paint or when I'm cleaning, in the middle, where it is seen that the needle passes, I see that the needle is bent, so I think to return to his position rubs the tip nozzle, the nozzle fact that I had a burr removed with a file and the needle tip was slightly bent. it is normal to double to pull back? your airbrushes do ?. when at home I will record a video. my airbrush is a "ventus titan"
Using createx by chance? LOL Hope you sort it out but yer looks like guys above got ya covered.
Lots of chats about Createx on the forum m8 but it is a common issue, it can be much more delicate to get the reductions and pressures right and with a little damage on your tip in conjunction, you may struggle with createx on occasion, especially with spatter or poor atomization. It generally has a larger pigment grind and if things ain't spraying at 100% its a bit more notable when it is having issues especially say with a bent tip on top, it also has a habit of breaking down the binder with heavy reductions, or seems to for me but others may use different reducers and not have the same concerns. Overall though if you are using standard createx your using a paint more designed for high pressure TShirt work, another paint type may make your life easier-even with a slightly bent tip as they'll likely have a smaller grind thus not appear as bad. Good luck
En Este vídeo se ve Como una aguja se dobla Cuando Se Llega al último de la gira, Es normal? Que Ocurre en Otros Aerógrafos?

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It's definitely broken, why not get yourself a nice new micron from Lion Art in Holland:)
[Quote = "Madbrush, post: 172098, miembro de: 398"] Es, definitivamente roto, ¿por qué no se consigue un nuevo y bonito micras de Arte León en Holanda :)[/ quote]
jajaja . Something cheaper, I'm thinking of a iwata eclipse hp-cs
In the video look like the trigger push down the needle when full open.
did you remove the trigger when you clean the airbrush ?
is there any chance that you assemble the trigger system in the wrong way ?
Yes, I dismounted the trigger for cleaning, but if it were the other way around does not trigger back and the last piece only has a position that has a notch.

I begin to think that the airbrush is defective or has a bad manufacturing
Usually when my brush(s) spit like that, the culprit is a cracked nozzle but I use Badger Velocity's. also might have a bent needle.