Airbrush cleaner.!

Jedi Weasel

Needle-chuck Ninja
Does anyone uses liquid glass/windows cleaner to clean the airbrushes? Do you think it is a good choice? I think that don't has any component that will harm the airbrush surfaces or the o'rings. And it is extremely cheap.
I haven't used liquid glass. But if its the same as windex it should work just fine. I mix windex or fantastic(the original) with rubbing alcohol and water. It works as a cleaner and a reducer for water base paints. I use it with my Auto Air and Createx and even the Wicked. Add glycerin for the tip dry. I got the recipe on Airbrush tricks on you tube.
1 Cup Rubbing Alcohol
4 Cups Water
1 Cup Glass Cleaner
5 Drops of Glycerin
Here is the site I got it on. It is about 2:40 into the video.Hope this helps! Airbrushing Paint - everything you need to know - YouTube