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Products | airbrushdvds Just bought Daniel powers level one dvd for $49 Aussie dollars and figured I'd spread the love and let you guys know about the great price and these guys will ship world wide, but its not for long so get them credit cards out. No I don't work for them, nor am I affiliated with them in any way just saw a great price and thought I'd shout it out. Regards, Heath:glee:
Oh yeah and they have level 2 dvd on sale too - nearly bought it as well for the future but figure I'll have enough to watch and learn now.
Yeah works out at £38 shipped!
My question is why are they so special? I'm tempted but just a bit unsure.
Yeah works out at £38 shipped!
My question is why are they so special? I'm tempted but just a bit unsure.

They are very good DVD's, I have Level 1 and 2. They teach you how to airbrush the right way, not how to paint a skull, portrait, flames, etc.. If you learn to airbrush properly, you can paint anything.
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On your advice my friend ... I have just purchase level 1.
Thank you, can't wait to learn!
You will not be disappointed. If I may add a little advice? Do a lot of the practice sheets Size does matter... and use the color Dan mixes,, in other words stick to the program.. You will understand what I am getting at when you get started
For me it was worth the money just to learn a much easier dagger stroke and to cut-and-blend.
Hello Guys, I'm new to the forum, and would like to know where I can order the power series 1 dvd set. HeathD said he got it for $49. Is that USD? Can you give me the link to the website? Thanks
Sorry Bud I think the special price is finished (May come up on special price at XMas or maybe sooner - email them), but the site link is in my first post (^^^way up there at the top, at the start of the post). It was Australian Dollars and they (Level one set and true fire dvd) arrived today. The wife is out with friends so I may just do some dvd watching - cant paint yet (waiting for some bits before I can give it a go), but I'll be watching with interest. HeathD
The link is the first 2 words in his initial post mate (it's light grey) but here it is again anyway....

Products | airbrushdvds

Like has been said unfortunately the offer has ended but fingers crossed it will be back soon :)