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Can anyone tell me about the fittings on the various brands of airbrushes? I would like to know about the thread where you connect the hose.Is the tread the same for all brands or do I have to purchase a hose for specific to the brand of airbrush. From what I can see they all seem to be 1/8 male thread, is this the case?
Badger airbrushes have a smaller thread. Iwata are 1/8 and I got no idea on other brands.
If you going to be using more than one airbrush it's a good idea to buy a quick release fitting, then you can keep the same hose attached to your compressor, and just swap guns at will.
As above, consider purchasing an adaptor if you plan to have different guns on the one hose. Most guns I have have the 1/8 fitting, except my badgers, but you can buy a fitting that converts a smaller badger hosed fitting to the larger iwatwa fittings if you have both brands (If so I'd suggest getting a badger hose and suiting it to your larger thread type-Its easier), it is harder though to reduce the standard iwatwa hoses down to the badger size fittings but no doubt something may exist to do so, just make sure the threads are the same or you may bugger up the smaller badger thread....GL
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Thanks, I am planning on using the quick couplers, do you have any idea what thread is on the Harder and Steenbeck brushes? I am keen on one of those airbrushes.