Airbrush For painting Guitars



I do not own an airbrush kit and have never used one but, bc I can use the airbrush paints indoors(??), I want to try it IF possible. So, do airbrushes spray a 3-4" fan spray? Is it a bad idea to use an airbrush for this? Thanx for reading. World Peace.
Hello Troy, please take a minute to stop by the "Introduction" thread and tell us a tad about yourself, where you hail from ect., it gives us a better idea how to help and where to get parts/supplies if needed...thanks. Now to give my opinion: it all depends on what level of painting you are looking to do...if you are just looking to prime and or paint a base color, clearcoat, then I would suggest a small UVLP spray gun and if you are looking to do some custom art then an airbrush is a very good option. There are good airbrushes but you get what you pay for so keep that in mind when or if you decide to go that route(I suggest you do a lot of research and get a lot of opinions) because buying an airbrush isn't a buy one cheap to start then move up, you can buy cheap but until you end up buying several brushes you could have gotten a good one from the start, buy the best you can afford and practice, practice, practice.
those other paint guns use a bigger compressor but if an airbrush only has a 2" spray size I guess that wouldnt b ideal