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i would like to make my own fishing lures whittling basswood and airbrushing is really the best tecnique to paint them.
I will paint very small surfaces and i don't need to be excessively detailed.

I've never done that before and, honestly i don't think I will take airbrushing as a serious hobby like many of you do. Obiouvsly I don't want to get the best equipment out there, but I would be quite happy to buy a decent airbrush that could possibly be useful for future project. Some people racommended me the Iwata Neo CN which is around 80$ (in europe), do you think it would be a good choice?

Next thing is the compressor, and I really would like to keep its price down. I read it is possible to use disposable spray cans in place of a compressor, what do you think about that?

Many thanks!
Most any good internal mix airbrush would work for you. I don't recommend the Neo for a first airbrush because it is very fragile. But, it is a good detail airbrush if you know how to take care of it. I don't know prices in Europe, but Badger, Iwata, and Harder & Steenbeck are all good brands. I'd stay away from the Chinese copies. Consider parts availability.

Don't bother with the canned gas. It gives poor control and soon costs too much. Put the money towards a compressor.

tmp_Screenshot_2013-09-10-17-05-36_1-1678881144.jpgmate I use a Keats eclipse hp-cs will do everything you need to do lures as that is what I use mine if ydetail it will be good enough here are a couple of lures iv done


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Agree with Steve the Iwata HP-CS will be a reliable companion :)