Airbrush for spraying flakes?



I'm currently working with a Badger 105 with the standard tip and have started thinking about spraying some flake. I spray small circular fishing parts like lures etc so I was thinking even a small 4oz detail hvlp gun might be to much material needed to fill the cup to let it work properly. Is there an airbrush option out there that would better serve me. Would the flake buster be the best route to take? I'm assuming also that it would be recommended that this be a dedicated flake gun or could I use it for primer as well?
Typically when applying primer or clear I'm only mixing about a tablespoon of material maybe 2 tablespoons if i'm spraying multiple objects.

Thanks for any help.
it will greatly depend on the size of the flake and the type of flake you are using.
Metallic paint they have some designed for a .5 airbrush. But most true flakes require at least a 1.2 nozzle.
This is at least what I have been told my most paint shops ,
I use a flake buster and dry flake sprayed over wet clear then clear over it again. Deeper look to the flake.
I'm using the HOK flakes both the ultra mini and the mini flake. I think anything larger would look odd on my small projects. I was able to spray the ultramini flake through my badger but it didn't like it at all and the buildup was horrible.
you might have a look at the
Paasche Talon Set Complete

Paasche Talon Set Complete with All 3 Tip Sizes, Fan Cap, and Crown Cap

Paasche Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush SET Specifications:
Dual action gravity feed
.25mm fluid tip.
.38mm fluid tip.
.66mm fluid tip.
.4oz cup with cap
Hair line to 1-1/2 inch patterns
Cut-away handle w/ pre-set needle stop
Crown cap
Fan cap
3 Tools
NEW Trigger style
NEW Piston
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Being it goes to .66 and has a fan can to make it spray more like a spray gun.
I do fishing lures also.are you trying to cover the whole lure with flake?or just adding some flake to get a diff. look? I add my flake to my epoxy topcoat and brush it on then put it on my lure turner and hit it with a hair dryer to smooth it out and get rid of any air bubbles I might have brushed in,after that drys I do a second coat of epoxy and hit it with the hair dryer again and get a glass like finish,here's a repainted gramma lure I did for a friend of mine.
I also make lures (Musky/Pike) and add flake in with my epoxy clear coat that way i can add more if I dont think i have enough. I can also add diff. layers by adding another color to the next coat,then just put them on my lure turner and let them dry. picture isn't the best as theres alot of flake in this one but i took it with my phone in the garage:D:D,and it still gets another coat of epoxy to finish it up