Airbrush Handgrip/Holder



Hi everyone,
I recently saw this in my local super cheap auto store (auto parts and tools store).
It was only $10 so I thought id get it and give it a go.
I must say it has made a huge difference, after alot of painting I was getting hand pains but using this it has stopped that.
It screws together, so no air leaks and I must say a great find!
Anyways just thought id let you all know


Air-Valve Autobot!
I love that. Im going to find one of these, it will help me alot for my stability issues.
Thanx for sharing


Air-Valve Autobot!
Ok where are you located, where exactly do you got it and how much? Because if they work then, I will be needing to order 13 of them, lol!!!

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Do you find it too bulky in your hand or is it still easy to hold?


Im from Australia. .
No I don't find it bulky at all.. the extra peice doesnt weigh much and it doesn't add too much to the width of the airbrush..
I had a look at the website of the place I purchased mine from and can't find them.. so im unsure if its discontinued or they just don't have it online? Perhaps that why it was cheap?
But ive found a place in the U.S who do the same thing
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