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G'day Guys

I'm trying to get back into my airbrushing I'm super keen I thought I have kept it clean ?
The problem I have as its dual action when I push the trigger down I'm getting material
Straight away compared to before I would push just get air then pull back and get mix material plus the air

The tip I think I may have bent it looks like it may have a hook to it very tiny can that change the nature of the gun to behave that way [emoji22]

I hope you guys can help big thankyou in advance

Cheers Ben

sounds like paint a bit of dryed paint in the nozzle not letting the needle go fwd.sometimes to fix it all you need to do is shoot a blast of paint out of the airbrush,or loosen the needle chuck nut and turn the needle a few times then reset the needle and tighten the chuck nut(chuck nut might have loosened up too) and if that did'nt clear it up a good soaking in airbrush restorer and cleaning should do it!
G'day BasePaint

But if clogged wouldn't I have no paint come out ?

Just don't understand how the gun operates including how it no longer has the air only when trigger is in start position but paint comes out instead

Chuck Nut is that in the pic I posted with gun apart ?

Sorry about such newbie questions I want my gun to work again [emoji27]
First question answers no as the dry paint might not be all around the needle but just on one side
2nd question about the chuck nut,yes its what you loosened to pull the needle out on the back of the airbrush,just to the left of the wrench in your picture.
airbrushs work by making a low pressure area around the front of the needle so the paint then gets pushed into the low pressure area Pulling paint with it that is being pushed into the area of lower pressure by the air pressure being put on the paint by the outside air (the air we breath)
there by spraying the paint out of the airbrush along with the air:D:cool:
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Question time :D
Did you soak the entire airbrush? If so what did you soak it in ?
The small plunger seal can smell and cause a lot of different effects to include what you are describing . plusparts.png shown here as part 15c
Cracked nozzle can also do this.
What does it do with just water in the airbrush?
The hooked needle won't affect how paint comes out of the gun, but the spray pattern. As Basepaint says the needle doesn't have to be completely blocked to affect paint flow. Even a minuscule amount of old paint can stop the needle seating properly leaving a gap between the needle and end of the nozzle that isn't obvious to the naked eye. When you push down for air, tiny amounts of fresh paint left in the nozzle has room to be blown out through any space left by the imperfectly sat needle - also when paint is shut off at the end of a stroke, but air still on, anything that is left behind in the nozzle can still be blown out.
Ideally we could do with a close up shot of the needle tip and the nozzle tip. That way we will be able to tell if its bent or cracked. Sounds like paint to me though.

G'day guys thanks for the help [emoji106]

Not sure if this was the problem ?
Not sure of the names of parts but I tightened that section where the needle goes through

Now when I push down on the trigger in the forward position I am now getting air then when pulled back the material [emoji106]

not sure if it's because I didn't have it tightened enough ?

Or the bloody thing decided to work again lol

I tried to take a pic but due to the tiny size my camera can't pick up the detail

Thanks again when I get home I will try some paint through it [emoji106]
That is the needle guide and the nut you tighten is called the needle chuck nut. Having it loose will not allow the need to move and it will allow it to become unseated.