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ok to start I have a Badger Velocity, .21 set up....Now I never took notice to this until today. I was working on my paintpal piece and the brush started to spit paint and it never did that to me since I bought it, so naturally I started with working with the paint(reduction) no change, then I just happen to look down over the front of the brush while spraying cleaner through it. I noticed that it was spraying slightly off to one side, enough to touch one of the forks on the protective cap (2 prongs) enough to cause a slow drip while spraying. I went through all of the thorough cleaning steps, no change, put in new nozzle ..no change, I replaced needle/nozzle set..no change. I did however notice that the one prong was ever so slightly bent in board, but the problem is I have never dropped my brush...matter of fact I treat it like is made of gold lol and keep it immaculately clean, I have however on occasion dropped the cap but it shouldn't have bent it.....should it have???? Im going to order a new cap and "i cant believe it happened" but the BOSS said I can buy another brush in 2 weeks. (jumping with joy)
I will probably buy another Velocity since the Krome no one has in stock, and then I can run .3 in one and the .2 in the other. :hopelessness: :dejection:
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When I first go the Krome I put the no prong cap on due to that is how I paint. But when changing them I notice that just having it slip out of my hand and land on the table top that it bent the tip of one , Mainly it was just the right amount of force at the right angle to cause it to bend.
I blame Murphy and his dang law...But straighten it out and all was fine with it. I have used it a time or two when showing a local guy who wants to learn to airbrush how the airbrush worked (mainly did not want him banging the needle on the surface) but still you should be able to straighter it with out problem.,
Unfortunately I know this Murphy guy all too well.!! lol this is my only good brush and I am afraid with my luck I would snap it off and then be up the proverbial creek. I have used the non pronged cap recently (trying to get comfortable with it, but again that Murphy guy would probably whoop my arse lol
you might want to remove the hold down ring thats the first part that screws onto the body after the nozzle some times paint can make its way back and clog some of the holes thats hapend to me before ypou need a loop and something to clean out the holes
Thanks ABF, I have already been over it from top to bottom with a fine tooth comb lol I have a magnification visor I used to use when I tied flies for fishing, it lets me see everything up close.
thats no thyanks to people like the ones on this forum with there constant goings on about how awesome the krome is lol i just ordered a fresh hold down ring nozzle needle and horn less regulator for my krome looking foward to polishing the needle and seeing how awesome that baby is like new again and yes i always thiink about another kromenot that there was anything wong i just wanted to freshen it up pluss i can put the stuff frome the krome oin the velocity you know I never mentioned how impressed i was when i first got the velocity i waas doing a micro line and stopping every half inch or so and it made a real fine line dot line efect
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