Airbrush kit please help



Hi everyone,
I am new to airbrushing and very keen I recently bought a cheap dual action ab from eBay which has gotten me started and interested to learn.
My question is this can any one give me advice on the starter kits from airbrush megastore? The kit I am looking at comes with the iwata neo hp cn airbrush the silverjet air compressor , paint and a cleaning station for $290, it's a gravity fed unit
Has anyone bought this unit, any reviews
I deal with the airbrush megastore all the time. He's prices are very good. Depending on what sort of airbrushing you want to do,this could be a good deal or not. Bout the only thing i would say before knowing that is i would make my own cleaning staition,as they are 30 bucks or so. The neo (for) IWATA is a good brush for the money. I also hear good things about the silver jet.