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Hi all
very new to airbrushing, but not new to art, have drawn painted and sculpted for many years and over the last 10 my work has been very much digital, ie photoshop, I am used to the concept of airbrushing digitally but never used a real one and have decided to look into it. Its a bit of a minefield as far as equipment is concerned and over the years I have often found that buying cheap in order to try something out can often result in an off putting experience. My lack of experience in this field means I am bound to make a mistake on some part of the kit but came across Blick Complete Airbrush System it has the Iwata Eclipse CS gravity feed dual-action airbrush. Could anybody tell me if this is a good investment to begin with. The work I will be doing is fine art/illustration on boards/paper ranging from 10" to 36" in width and height. My budget is between £200($280) and £350($450). hope someone can help
Some people on here will disagree with me on this one! but I'll tell you about my experance I went out and brought a good airbrush and the first time I pulled it down to clean it, I used the wrench to undo the nozzle and when I put it back together I used it agian, bad mistake as I broke the nozzle of and I've got one stuffed airbrush that cost me $250 so to buy a chinese knock-off in this case would make good sense to allow for the learning curve. if you do your research you can buy a reasonable airbrush for a good price and as you get better buy a more expensive one that you can look after...
Iwata have the Neo which is "made in china" anyway, but I've heard good things about it. I think it has the same needle setup as the Eclipse, I would spend more on the compressor and buy the best one you can, hope that helps you.
Cheers Lou.
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greetings Bing66. :) For my money, I don't think you can ever go wrong with the Iwata brand. My personal experience with "kits" that include a diaphram compressor proved to not be worth the extra $. The little diaphram compressor (while nice for painting nails, and small stuff) was just to whimpy for my needs. I would have been better off getting a cheap compressor with a holding tank, and spending the extra $ on a decent water trap. Live and learn, eh? I'd suggest checking prices with or before buying from Blick. I love Blick as an art source, but the companies that specialize in airbrushing only can provide better prices and follow up service (i.e. parts, etc.). Airbrushing is a blast! Have a great time!
thanks for the advice, its appreciated, will keep looking a bit longer, more I learn the more informed choice I can make
hi, was gonna post some links to some equipment but because im new here i cant, I was looking at a sealey compressor with this spec
Compact and portable, this compressor is suitable for use with the Sealey range of air nailers and air brushes. Twin gauges display tank and working pressures. Fitted with four anti-vibration suction feet for added stability when in use. Complies with current European standards.

Motor Output: 1hp
Voltage /Phase: 230V - 1ph
Rated Supply: 13A
Air Displacement cfm(ltr /min): 4.7(133)
Maximum Free Air Delivery cfm(ltr /min): 3.1(87)
Maximum Pressure: 116psi /8bar
Receiver Capacity: 6ltr
Dimensions (W x D x H): 480 x 210 x 410mm
Weight: 16kg
at £109.00
and the airbrush i was looking at was a Iwata eclipse cs airbrush which is priced at £130.50
do these sound ok and good value, sorry its in sterling
well in the end I did go for a kit it was a
AB-AS-186 Airbrushing Kit With Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH Airbrush Ref: AB-AS186-IW-KIT01
1 x Iwata HP-CH Airbrush
1 x 1.8 metre Hose Assembly
1 x AB-AS186 Mini Piston Compressor With 3 Litre Tank
1 x Table Top Airbrush Stand
1 x Pistol Grip Moisture Filter

from, think its a good airbrush and a fairly good compressor, hope I have done the right thing!!
It's not really a kit, but I did end up getting the Iwata HP-C Plus with the Iwata Power Jet Pro Compressor combo for a little over $500. I bought all the little accessories like moisture traps and such separately.
hi, when you convert your price to uk sterling, dont think there is much in it, anyway, had it for a little while and so far so good, still getting the hang of the technical parts of the brush, patience and determination are the key I suppose :)