airbrush lube after cleaning?




Got my first question. Been practicing spraying mostly with wicked colors and their rcomended reducer, taking my airbrush apart, cleaning and putting back togather. Getting beter at this now and less intimidating.
saw online video of applying lube to keep it smooth opperation but d not have any?
What would be used for this that could be bought locally? At an automotive parts store?
Thanks again.
I would recommend getting SuperLube or Needle Juice, it's what they were made for. Someone else may have an alternate lubricant they use.
You can get glycerin at a pharmacy It may not work as well as superlube but its cheap and does the job.. If needle juice is made by Badger Ken is calling in a sort of recall it seems it is gumming things up.. Whatever you decide on use it sparingly and properly
You can get the Iwata super lube and Badger needle juice at art supply stores and some model shops that have airbrush supplies , right now if you can find it I would go with the super lube Badgers Needle juice is being recalled some error in the formula and it is turning goey .