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So, with the intro of the Badger Extreme Patriot, I've noticed a swell in interest with the taller trigger. I thought I'd like to try that and maybe replace the triggers on my 105 and Sotar. Given the fact that it would cost me over $30.00 to get new triggers, I started thinking of cheaper alternatives. Well, here you are. I had a couple of door stops from Home depot. I've had this one for a while. So, I think they are only a few dollars. 20160626_171222_resized.jpg 20160626_171258.jpg 20160626_171312_resized.jpg 20160626_171454.jpg The rubber ends are almost exactly the size of the trigger pads. Pulled them off the stop, a little hot glue and whahlah! I don't think I'll spend the money for the "official" triggers. The rubber is just soft enough that it rolls with my finger tip wonderfully. I like the action and control it gives. Now, if I could just develop the talent for airbrushing.....
I'd like to hear from anyone else who may have tried this or something else.
I used the foam packaging my cheap airbrushes came in, the extra couple of mm's def makes a difference


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ive used short and long triggers, going to the same steps you have with adding stuff on top of my trigger....the taller triggers may help some to feel they are achieving more control, my only warning would be by increasig the distance that the trigger travels, and also having your finger in a slightly less natural taller position, there is an increased risk of damaging your tendons. the taller trigger may work for some but in actual fact you will achieve better control with a very short trigger and just flex/pulse the pressure on the trigger with your finger.
Hey, fez, thanks for that info. I've done this to my HP-Ch, but not to my Infinitey or Sotar.
no probs.... just want people to think about the mechanics and longevity of this.... for just a minute amount of pull back it probably works great,but when you have trigger mnore open your finger is completing something like 30mm of travel.... thats not good ecspecially if you paint day in day out.
I am with Ad fez on this taller trigger thing , I was used to the low trigger but needed something to compensate for the loss of my fine control of my trigger finger . I tried a higher trigger pad that was send to me and even if it gave me more control it was to high for my finger and the travel was way to long this trigger pad was 1 cm high after consulting the guy who made it I was send a trigger pad that was half as high at 0.5 cm and it was still to high for me but he could not make a custom one that was lower so I played around a bit and ended up with using a 2 mm thick leather pad and it did the trick I gained my old control back and as time got by and the V2 came on the market I went for that airbrush the V2 trigger is only 1 mm higher at the back but the same as the V1 at the front ! it is the shape of the top that makes all the difference and not how high it is