Airbrush model comparison


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There always seems to be a question from newcomers regarding what brush to get, while opinions will always vary, I thought this may be helpful to narrow down the options as far as needle / cup size and type
This is for Iwata but when I get time i'll go through the other models and try and put the same detail in, unless someone else is super familiar with other models then feel free to add 'your' brand

I'm actually surprised you aren't painting...... or maybe you're multi tasking, no wait, you're the wrong gender for that lol

so how many of those do you have @musicmacd ? the difference... grrr, what was the change...?
excel decided it didn't like .18 for the micron, so it put 1.8 instead....... I don't think it would fit in the needle cap somehow ! :laugh:
Multi-tasking... verb... the ability to do multiple simultaneous tasks poorly in more time than it takes to do the same tasks to a higher standard individually... :)
3 x microns
2 x eclipse
3 x hp

and now 2 Olympus :)

and a LPH-80 anniversary edition. . bling bling

hello my name is Jackie, I have AAD.....I must have, I've more brushes than Mac D
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