Airbrush newbie



Just got into airbrushing after buying my girlfriend a cheap airbrushing kit for nails.
Well I'm hooked, seriously, I've setup a space and after watch Nubbie on OCC and various other professionals on utube I decided to go all in and buy some better equipment.
Just need the time and occasional kick to keep it going lol
Very happy to have found this great forum and looking forward to seeing some great art
Welcome to the forum. Check out the tutorials, there are a bunch that are perfect for getting your core set of skills. And yes you do get to see some cool artwork here too.:D

Have fun.
Welcome from NZ. Great place to come and be inspired, if you have questions don't be afraid to ask as there's a lot of people here to help, share experiences and give advice on products and equipment, so come on in and enjoy...

Cheers Lou
Cheers for the warm welcome, this is the highlight of my day, except for finally getting home from work. London traffic's a nightmare
Welcome, Always happy to see another newbie :) soon us newbies will outnumber the experts.
Lots of really friendly people here and the give well worded advice and assistance, you'll learn heaps and have a laugh along the way