airbrush ON vinyl?



I have a corvette and I have wanted to put a stinger on the hood (or possibly dual stripes) and I think I want to do it in vinyl so it can be removed later. But I also was thinking about maybe ghosting a jake logo in the stripe(s). So what I was wondering is if it's possible to airbrush ON vinyl and have it last. I'm assuming if so, it would have to be applied to the vehicle and THEN airbrush on the vinyl... But that's why I'm asking. I haven't got a clue. :D
Simple answer , NO
While you can airbrush on vinyl it will not last .
Also Vinyl on a vette's paint job ? Sun fades all paint so what ever is covered with vinyl will not get that sun and will not fade more then it has at the time you put the vinyl on.
So when you remove it you will see a color difference which will result in a repaint if left there too long.
Now run along to the introduction section and make a proper introduction .you will find it here.....
Include how long you have been airbrushing. what equipment you have.
where on the planet you live