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Are there any South African airbrush artists on this board that can share some info specific to the airbrush paints available in SA, Brands and where to source?

What type of paint should I use for general artworks, T Shirts, Murals, etc?
What would you recommend painting on, paper, cardboard, canvas, etc?

When it comes to automotive paints do you use the normal lacquers and 2K paints, hardners and thinners? Are they thinned as you would when painting with standard spray guns or is it done differently. Can you paint automotive metallics and pearls with airbrushes?

I use Com-art on paper, board and canvas. You can get it from me or here I only order as I get orders in. You can also google Caps 'n Cans for Molotow. Very good paints. At the art shops they have Daler Rowney FW inks and Liquitex but it is ridiculously expensive. Also look at Dala acrylic inks. Pretty good for the price but their white is useless.

I have imported Createx which is a fabric paint but have not used it in fabric yet.

For auto work I would suggest you get some urethanes from you local panelbeaters. I don't know how the previously mentioned brands work on metal.
Leigh, thanks for that but that is not really "available in SA". That is just people who are willing to bring it in for you from Amazon.

Try this guy Nelson Oliveira, quintuseng at, Cell: 082 452 1014, Tel: 087 751 3837. They do DNA, Trident and Createx. They are now trying to get Wicked and Wicked Detail as well.
Hi Leigh, welcome to the forum. I cant add much because I am pretty new to Abing with propper paints - I hope you come right. I am basically using the dala and Daler Rowney.

OK thanks for that. I wonder how they get it from Amazon here, cause amazon wont ship that to my address?
Hi Leigh - Amazon has JUST this week delivered my badger Sotar to my address, took them about 10 days - so give it a try :)
Hi Andre

You mention the dala acrylic inks. Do you use it yourself and if you do do you use the retarder when airbrushing?

widutoit, im using dala inks and I think it is necessary to use it. the retarder reduces tip dry and the paint flows more freely. you must be careful not to use to much coz the paint will take long to dry. u can use it without the retarder but ul get blockages and a lot of tip dry. hope this helps.
Thank you for the advise. Approximately what ratio do you use retarder to paint?
HI All,

I am completely new to airbrushing and have up until today been using aerosol cans. HAs anybody used the Dala Craft series of paints in an airbrush?

If they can be used how would I mix it to thin it for the airbrush. At this point I am using a single action hobby king airbrush (all I can afford at the moment)
Grem, the only Dala product that sholuld be used in an airbrush are their inks. Do not use the tube paint. Very big pigments.
Good day All,

I'm also a newby and tried a few different paints, the first I tried was "Rolfes Acrylo" in a tube and had to reduce it a lot with water, well its not flowing to good and blocks easily. The 2nd type of paint that I tried was "Craft paint" from Creative Talents(Boksburg), flows much better than the tube paint after reducing it with water. 3rd type of paint I tried was from Dala called "Appeal" it flowed a bit better than the previous two I tried untull it started to dry up a bit in the AB, that was when I discovered this paint become like a rubber and blocked my AB to a extend that I could not spray at all, not recommend this at all with a AB. The 4th and last type I tried is also from Dala and called "Sun Colour", up to date its the "best" I could find, unfortunately there was only one bottle on the shelf (Eastrand Mica Boksburg).

Grem, the only Dala product that sholuld be used in an airbrush are their inks. Do not use the tube paint. Very big pigments.

I was scared to try Dala inks as I read somewhere that its very difficult to clean once its dry. If I try the Dala inks with what do I reduce it (can I use water?) and what do I use to clean my AB if I use the Dala inks?
Slowmo, you can do great stuff with the Dala inks. It is just like any of the other acrylics you get. The longer it dries, the harder it is to clean. You can use the clear Windolene reduced with water to clean. To reduce just use water. Try and find Daler Rowney FW acrylic inks. It is expensive but awesome. I can help you get Com-art paints but ther is a 3-4 week waiting period and it is silly season so it might only come in the new year.
Hello Leigh
I am an airbrush artist from Durban - South Africa. I use the Iwata (Com Art) Medea Artist colours. They are exceptional and don't need thinning. I also ordered the Createx Wicked Colours from America, I think it was Chicago Airbrush Company. They are concentrated colours that will need thinning, but the colours are vivid and lightfast. These were ordered online. No problem! Spectrum Art in Umgeni Road are stockists of FW airbrush inks. They also stock Dala Acrylic inks. Don't touch them... they dry so quickly that you will have constantly flush your airbrush. Spectrum Art are in 415 Umgeni Rd, Durban
031 309 6404.

You can contact me directly should you have any problems. Good Luck
Archie Hirasen
Durban South Africa