Airbrush playing up? (asap need help!!)



Okay first, thank you for letting me join :)

Okay, so, I cleaned my airbrush with medea cleaner, and basically, there is no air coming out of it. There is air coming out of the connection tube to the compressor, (at a pressure of 20 for painting acrylics on model horses) so I tried the other airbrush that has never been used before, and there is no air coming out of it either. It was working fine the last time, and I'm at a loss as to what is wrong, any ideas?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!! I need help soon as I'm doing a commission and nothing seems to be going right (I would have pastelled but the spray I usually use is playing up!!) :upset:
Hello Lady and welcome from PA,would you plz drop by the "introduction" thread and tell us a little about you, what equipment you use and what type of art you like. Now i'll try to give you a little help if I can, take it in steps: you say you have air from the compressor, next do you have a MAC it open or off, if you have air through all those points then it seems prudent the problem is the brush but you said another one didn't work as well so there must be a problem before the brush.
Yes sorry!!
I don't know anything about the airbrushes, as no instructions came with it :(
Yes, there is air coming out of the tube though it's not working for the other airbrush... :(
Okay, so my Granda has got air coming out of both, but no paint is coming out of either. (the first did this the other day, though I assumed it was paint so I cleaned it - nothing working still) The acrylics are thinned enough for paint to come out, and not even the cleaner is coming out of either - I am getting really confused now :(
When you push the trigger down, is do you hear air moving through the brush? Are there bubbles in your color cup when you push the trigger? When you disconnect the hose from the brush, does air come out of the hose where is connects to the airbrush? Do you have a valve or some type of regulator between your compressor and your airbrush?

Knowing the answers to some of these questions, might help everyone to diagnose the issues you're having.