Airbrush problems.


Gravity Guru
Ok guys. Gotta problem. I recently did a good cleaning on my Master S68 airbrush. It's bottom feed so I just took the needle out, and the whole front tip apart. Soaked it a bit in Createx restorer. And put it back together. Now under normal use the spray is slightly erratic, and it now sprays when I pull back the trigger without pressing it down. Any thoughts?
So air is getting through without depressing the trigger?
Did you soak the whole brush or just the tip? Seems strange if you only soaked the tip that the air valve is having a problem.

If you soaked the whole brush the restorer has gotten into the valve and messed with the o-ring or might have dried gummy (I'm not familiar with Createx restorer).

Water coming out without pulling back the trigger means the nozzle has some junk in it and is preventing the needle from making a seal or you managed to crack the nozzle.

About the only thing to do is take it all apart, check the valve assembly, examine the nozzle and clean the brush again.

True dat! - being a cheap end brush it is possible the seal is stuffed. Soaking will do that. Is there an "ingredient" list on the restorer anywhere? Being water soluble it shouldn't be that aggressive but who knows...?
Restorer is last ditch effort use, don't soak your brush in it. It will deform rubber and any, and I mean any residue will turn fresh paint into tar sludge. Nasty stuff.
No. Just took the needle out and removed the crown and tip and soaked them separately. The ab body never touched the restorer.