airbrush questions



HI folks new member. I started using the airbrush about 3 yrs ago but got sidesteppped now that i have time I hope to learn how to correctly use this thing lol. Anyway I'm using a IV Passche I set it all up but am having a little trouble. I'm using a passche mini compressor also. When I start the compressor I can feel air from the brush with out pushing the trigger shouldnt there be no air escaping? I'm in the process of soaking the brush parts in thinner now. I'm thinking something isn't seated it the brush am I correct. I'm trying to use the #3 needle an tip. With the compressor do I need to put a pressure gauge on it, I've read where it should be about 40 psi from the pump. I see where some use 15 psi something to do with the thickness of the paint, I'm using water based paints. Lots of questions I'm sure an plenty more to come I'm sure thank you for any help.
There should definately be NO air coming from your brush BEFORE you press the trigger!
You didn't mention if the escaping air is coming from the needle end or from around the cut-out [trigger] area of the brush.
With water-based paint I use about 35psi at the brush, but it depends on how "thin" your paint is and what type of flow you're after.
You should have a pressure gauge/water trap added to the compressor. How else will you know what air you have at the brush?
And it helps to have the "driest" air you can to paint with.
Hope this answers some of those Questions!
I'm sure many others will guide you as well.
I have air from the needle end for sure and it feels like air from the trigger also hope a good cleaning is all it needs
You may have squished the rubber? o-ring on the nozzle end?
This would allow air to pass through the front end.
As for the trigger bit, if the o-ring in front is as above, it maybe pushing air back to the trigger, but I'm just guessing about that.
I hear somewhere that you should be careful of thinners and rubber O'rings?
Solvents will ruin your O-rings unless they are Teflon. Maybe a seal has gone in your valve, or maybe you have a sticky trigger. A good clean and some new 0-rings might sort it.
Well I worked on the airbrush cleaned thoroughly like I said its been 3 years since I fooled with it. I took out the air valve and after looking at a schematic I'm missing the little round seal so ordered a new one. worked on another brush cleaned it good and works. One more question when I put the needle in after it pass through the tip I just want the tip of the needle to just seal the tip I'm I on the right track