airbrush setup with iwata regulator



Hi, I recently ordered an Iwata airbrush, cm-c. It comes with a pistol grip moisture filter. I currently have a compressor with a regulator and moisture filter which is attached to the compressor.

Does it make sense to use both moisture filters?

I was reading these forums and some people are quite paranoid about moisture. In these forums I learned (please correct me if I'm wrong, it was late night reading),

1) heat from the compressor may reduce the effectiveness of the moisture filter near the regulator
2) having a longer hose, e.g. one that's coiled may also be helpful in improving the quality of the air

How can I change my setup to take advantage of the pistol grip moisture filter and the above two facts? Thanks! I was thinking of perhaps getting a: | Iwata-Madea Coil Hose 6' and was wondering which setup would be best:

compressor -> regulator / moisture filter -> 6' coil hose -> pistol grip moisture filter -> my current hose (not sure what kind it is, came w/ compressor) -> airbrush


compressor -> regulator / moisture filter -> 6' coil hose -> my current hose -> pistol grip moisture filter -> airbrush

or some other variation. To be honest, I'm not even sure whether I connect two hoses. Anyway, let me know what you think.

If you don't have a moisture problem then don't worry about it. If you don't like the feel of the trap on the gun, then use your second option. You can also go

Compressor > 6' coil hose > regulator/trap > airbrush hose > airbrush

The coil hose will cool down the air before it gets to the trap then.
I use both filters , Why because at some point in time the one on the compressor will give way and you will be glad you have the one on the airbrush , Plus the one on the airbrush gives me something more to hold on to it better.
But mainly it is up to you .
I agree with Herb, my moisture trap under my airbrush gives me something to hold with my left hand while painting and you can safely airbrush knowing no moisture will get through. Unless you already have a coil air hose I wouldn't buy one as it's not really necessary if you have 2 moisture traps. However if you don't like the moisture trap directly under your airbrush you could use your 1st suggestion including the coil hose.

I also have a quick release above and below my pistol grip moisture trap so I can easily take it off if I want to use a siphon feed airbrush and the moisture trap is in the way of the bottle.

Till now I have never seen any water in my pistol grip moisture trap but then I ended up with 3 moisture traps. One on the compressor, one on my inline air tank and the pistol grip one under my airbrush. I find most water in my compressor moisture trap and some in my air tank trap so they are obviously doing their job.
Cheers Mel