Airbrush space... ?



i just bought a airbrush set.. with colors and everything.

But my question is.. can i do this in my apartment without the color spreading all over my apartment ?
using createx color is it oudurfree or does it smell like hell anyway ?
i thought about making a space around 1*1 meters ..
coz it´s what ihave if.. i have to mask the place up ?
small but i can make it..
thing is i dont waant my place smelling like hell or seeing paint dots everywhere ?

how mush paint is actually floating away in the air instead of sticking to the "artwork" ?

thank you for all the help.. coz i dont know excrement about this=)
but im reaelly looking forward starting up!!

// M:pride:
Createx is water based and has pretty much no smell at all. Any water based paint is that way. Your overspray is very minimal. You will be ok in an apartment, an not have to cover much, unless you are spraying high volumes through your brush. Like if you were wanting to paint a helmet one solid color, you would have to crank up the pressure which will push more paint out into the air. For just painting like I do, you will be fine. You will get some paint dust over time, but you can just wipe it away when cleaning.

Hi Mastic and welcome to the forum.

Josh has given you excellent advice here, however I can tell you from personal experience that although smell will not be a problem, airbrush at any pressure creates an incredible amount of dust, this dust will be sucked into anything at all in your apartment that has a cooling fan, x-box, dvd player and computers etc. I just stripped down my x-box and removed enough dust to fill a paper cup, this only after a few months of airbrushing, so I would recommend if you create a space so small that you try to install some kind of extractor fan in that space, this will save hours on cleaning.

It's true to some extent that as Inevitable said the cleaning stuff is usually taken care of by the women, however I have my own work space and my wife never has to do anything there, even though she offers to help, I learned early on to work with the door closed and an extractor at the window, but even then you still get a little dust.

If you are serious about working in so small a place, I really do recommend a mask, although water based paints are less dangerous that other paints they can be pretty irritating to your lungs, no 2 people are the same and even water based paints affect some more than others.

So I would say enjoy the hobby but without taking chances with your health.

Extractor systems and mini booth's are readily available, however, they can be very expensive, but with some clever backward engineering or even a simple google search you could build your own from scrap items.

I might even look into building a spray cabin just for the fun of it and do a step by step.
yer true, I find the paint fine on my lungs but what irritates me is the medea airbrush cleaner, although a reasonably mild cleaner, when atomised it really chokes me and thats in a large garage
thanks for the sound advice on cleaning also, ill make sure the mrs gets straight out in the garage and spruces it up....its becoming a health and safety hazard out there
Thank you all! i just tried it out.. and this seems lika alot of training but alot fun!

thanks !
bye for now !
kisses and hugs!
thanks !
bye for now !
kisses and hugs!

???????? What the.....Hmmm, lol!!! I think there may be a few people who posted in this thread, that will be blushing after reading this. They may also get tongue tied an foot in mouth syndrome, lol!!

Yeah mate from my experience anything that's airborne that's NOT air can be harmful even if the container says otherwise. I didn't used to worry about it but got tired of coughing up painted coloured stuff.

I use createx and wicked in my garage and any time I paint for more then a few minutes or any time a base coat anything I use the mask.
Depending on the size of the piece, they make a small ventilated fume extractor you can buy for less than a 100 bucks on ebay.