airbrush to hose connection


Young Tutorling
i was given an old binks Wren model A. and an airhose with it. heres the problem the hose wont fit the airbrush. with much searching tothe localparts stores (read home depot and auto parts stores. ihave no art supply stores) i figured out that the theads on the air brush are 6 mm x0.6 thread pitch. and thehosefitting is justsmaller by alittle bit. hoping yall can help
The paashe air hose should fit the binks. I've got like 4 of the really old ones. Most brands use the same 1/8 standard pipe fitting and Aztec and badger use the mini m5 fitting. I'm pretty sure the old hoses I have on my binks are a paashe hose. There are really only 2 types of hoses that fit most. I'd look and see what I have on the binks but they are in a box in a barn somewhere gathering dust because imo a single action ab is dead these days.