Airbrush Tutor Templates



Like drobbins12 I also went and did the templates directly on the A4 I printed. Now feel like a total noob for not making them bigger.... :cower:

I also struggle with the detail bits but then again I use a siphon feed airbrush with 0.5mm nozle so hairline is not really expected easily.

But anyway, here is what mine came out as:

Thanks for the great templates they help LOADS with training airbrush control. Really awesome that online we get great help like this where you don't have to sell a kidney to buy a DVD that shows you some basics... :witless:
Hey Tl - no worries - don't be hard on yourself here hey - they shouldn't be done at A4 size!! These images are A4 for transparency film with the intent of projecting to about A2!! A4 is really diifficult - everything has to be working 100%. It looks like your shapes are coming along nicely though.. check out the airbrush class - might be able to help you along a bit..